Is It A Couch? Is It A Bed? No, It’s a Daybed!


Daybeds have an ancient and honorable history. From Roman living rooms to Victorian drawing rooms, the idea that people need a space to relax and nap during the day that isn’t the bedroom has been a pervading one. Unfortunately, with our increasingly busy lives and modern society’s focus on constant productivity, most of us have lost the art of daytime relaxing and napping.

Happily, though, you can encourage a more balanced lifestyle in your household by using daybeds. A cross between a couch and a bed, daybeds are perfect for sitting and relaxing but are also big enough for short daytime naps.

Add some zen

Relaxation matters. In the long term, stress is as damaging to the body as smoking.

This contemporary daybed in a sleek living room inspired by Japanese aesthetics invites you to lounge, relax and reflect. The daybed is a more casual, less structured alternative to a couch. I love the touch of adding cushions to the floor, thus removing the need for armchairs. However, there is one in the corner should you need it!

Here’s the same daybed model in another shade used in a home office setting. Perfect for the busy creative, this relaxation corner provides a space to let ideas float and coalesce. I love the minimalist yet inspiring accessory choices, including the hanging puppet!

Add some luxury

Daybeds can also provide a touch of luxurious laziness to a room. How better to glory in the quietness of a Sunday afternoon than to lounge on a daybed?

This tufted neutral-colored daybed adds just enough luxury without being ostentatious. It’s perfect as a guest bed, but also great as a lounging space. I love how the colors of the room were chosen around this piece of furniture. The big windows add enough light so the room doesn’t look bleak.

This French-style home office brings luxury to new heights. Along with deep, dark wood furniture and ensconced bookshelves (how clever!), the matching blue fabric patterns, wallpaper and floral carpet just makes you want to burrow into those cushions and read until you fall asleep.

This small guest suite is made more welcoming by a warm, traditional decor, including this beautiful daybed. I love the rounded lines that match the corner desk and the soft, neutral colors.

I must admit I have a soft spot for everything Asian, so this bedroom design totally caught my eye. The heavy curtains, the floral fabrics, the dark wood and the painted panels tempt you to luxury without being oppressive. I’m not so sure about the yellow wall, but otherwise this is a great decor.

Add some storage

Aside from the obvious relaxation purposes of a daybed, you can also join it with storage space. Daybed does double duty!

This small bedroom gets extra storage space through the use of this daybed frame with three bottom drawers. Perfect for a guest bedroom or for the room of a young adult in college who only comes on weekends.

This play area daybed is also used as storage space. A couch wouldn’t leave this space available, so a daybed is the perfect choice for rooms where people tend to lounge and relax rather than sleep.

Here’s one last example of a daybed with storage space for a kid’s playroom. I especially like the contrasting tufted back that matches the curtains!

What would it add to your home?

Daybeds have so many uses and can change the look of any room, from living rooms to home offices to bedrooms.

Where would you use one in your home?

If you have one, what do you like best about it?

Tell us about it in the comments section of this post.

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