Is it really hip to be square?

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Back in 1986, HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS tried to convince us it was “Hip To Be Square”. Based on its eventual rise to #3 on the Billboard Charts, apparently many of us agreed. But is this really the case in the world of tile?

There seems to be some trends away from the standard 18″x18″ or 16″x16″ tiles to more rectangular shapes. This is true of wall installations as well as floor installations, but why? The versatility of the rectangles (8″x16″ or 12″x24″) is probably the number one reason, followed by the fact that it is just something different. If you are looking to explore, but all you have are 18″x18″ tiles, try cutting a couple of them in half and try some of the patterns that can be made. Try offsetting the tiles in a BRICK PATTERN, or laying them in a HERRINGBONE PATTERN, or even just laying them randomly like you would a wood floor.  All make an interesting effect if you have decided it really isn’t that hip to be square.

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Marc McPherson