Our Laminate Flooring Live Feed!

Lately, we’ve been conducting something of an experiment, as you may already know.  What we’ve done is to put one of our offerings of laminate flooring out on our outdoor patio to expose it to the elements.   And, because we’re kind of off our rockers, we’ve also live streamed the floor so that you can see how it’s doing in real time.  Take a look:

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We’ve documented the process on our watchuswreckafloor.com blog, which if you haven’t already checked out, I’d invite you to do so.

The point of the experiment as a whole is obviously to throw in some wackiness into the proceedings. But, what it is also meant to do is to show how tough this material has been designed to be. Obviously, you couldn’t reasonably expect any laminate floor, no matter how tough it is, to last outside for very long in a Vancouver winter (read: lots and lots of rain…). Maybe in the past, laminate flooring was something of the runt of the flooring litter.But laminate has evolved from its beginnings as a strictly glue-down, very messy,involved choice in flooring that was not expected to last very long.

Laminate flooring is world-class, and made to last. The rules are different, and have been changing for years. The latest technology focuses on new ways to make laminate as long-lasting, and to be compared to any flooring you can name. And I think the expectations of consumers are coming around to the idea that a laminate floor doesn’t mean second best. I like to think we’re doing our small part to contribute to that changing perception.


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