Istanbul not Constantinople Part 2 – Now with Sound – Sort of

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Ok folks, I am now back in Vancouver, but there are still some final thoughts and images from my Sunday in Istanbul. For those of you just itching for it, and I know you are out there, here is a little inspiration from They Must Be Giants performing Istanbul Not Constantinople.

So, after spending Saturday night walking the very busy pedestrian street Istikal Ave full of shops, restaurants, cafes and down the side streets pubs, bars and night clubs, my friend Murat hired me a driver for the day on Sunday. The driver was great! Very friendly, very insightful and good English made for a great tour guide. We visited the Aya Sofya which had some amazing gold mosaic work inside.

From there we visited the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. This is one of the most famous mosques in the world and is also known as the Blue Mosque for the amazing display of blue tiles used on the interior walls. It is a really amazing display from the outside.

As you would imagine, the interior was no slouch either. The tile work was quite impressive, albeit difficult to photograph!

One of the other really amazing sights of Istanbul is the Bosporus Strait. For those of you that do not know, it is the body of water that joins the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. It is also the division between what is known as European part of Turkey and the Asian part of Turkey. Check out the view of the Bosporus from my hotel room!

And again from the a hill top cafe in Istanbul. Pretty breathtaking really.

I took a few pictures here and there, and a couple hundred of them are now on Flikr so you can see a wide variety of sights. Some are in Denizli, some are in Istanbul. Most of them have titles and descriptions now, but not all. I am still working on that. To check out the full pictorial version of my trip visit MarcMacon

Overall the trip was a great experience. I want to thank BuildDirect for sending me, my friends Murat and Fatih for their hospitality and company and  my friend Mehmet for being an amazing host and guide.

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Marc McPherson