It’s All About YOU! How to Find Your Own Style

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Finding your style and choosing the home decor styles, textures, and colors is the dream. But, how do you make it come true? Here’s how to start that process.


Do you have a new home to decorate, or even just a single room that’s yours to do with as you please? Are you having a hard time figuring out what reflects YOU? Don’t worry you’re not alone – it may seem like an easy task but it can quickly turn confusing. Here are some tips to help pinpoint your own style to create a space perfect for YOU:

Find the patterns of what you like

When you are going about your day to day life make note of what makes you look twice. These are usually the things that inspire you and make you smile. Slowly look around your current spaces and pay attention to your feelings to figure out what you love and what you would change.

Visit a home store on a day you aren’t rushed and look around at what’s available. Spend some time on design websites or looking through magazines. Keep track of what you like – you will most likely see a pattern emerge.

Keep favorite memories alive

If you have done any travelling you probably have some great memories and pictures. Frame those pics or maps of the region for wall art. Can’t stop thinking about the beautiful Hawaiian sunset? Incorporate those colors into your décor with pillows or throws. You could paint a wall the color of the ocean if that’s your favorite memory. Even if you’re more of an armchair traveller you can still incorporate your dream vacation into your décor this way.

Reflect your interests

What do you like to do? Do you love to read? Create reading areas and ways to display your favorite books. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Bring in some wood features and give your space an earthy feel. Are you an artist? Enough said – display your own work!

Free yourself from any one style

You may think you need to pick a theme – modern, classic, beach inspired, etc, and stick with it but there’s no rule that says you can’t incorporate elements from many themes if they all speak to you.

Use your wardrobe as a guide

Your style preferences in one area often mimic your style in others. If you like to dress in bold colors you may also enjoy living in a bold space. If you prefer classic streamlined minimalistic looks in your wardrobe then your space will most likely run to a more classic look as well. That being said…

Run with your instincts

Even if it doesn’t ‘feel’ like your style or is different than what you’re used to if it’s got you thinking then run with it! Perhaps you do like the minimalistic look but you are drawn to some bold colors. Add in some pillows or another small element in the brighter colors to see how you like the look and go from there.

Ask your friends

If you are still feeling stumped enlist the help of a good friend who knows you well. Don’t ask their opinion on what THEY like but ask them what type of space they would see YOU living in and what colors they associate with you. Perhaps they may have some insight that you have overlooked.

Remember it is YOUR space and in the end you can do with it as you choose. What are your inspirations for your own personal space?

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