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So what does Jet-lag have to do with Bamboo flooring??

As I return from China and lay awake in bed at 2 am as a result of jet-lag, I couldn’t help but think “How much longer will it take my body to adjust to my time zone?”. In my tired state I couldn’t help but ponder how could I relate this to Bamboo and get in my blog??? Well it might be a stretch but here I go.

Whenever you are to install a natural wood product (oak, maple or bamboo) it is imperative to let the product acclimate to its new environment prior to install.  This is because the floor has the ability to take on and expel moisture. If the floor is not given the chance to adjust to its environment you could experience gaps at the seams or buckling.

You should let Bamboo floors acclimate for a minimum of 7 days prior to install, in the conditioned area it’s to be applied.  For full installation instructions please visit here.

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Matt Dickinson