Journey Home: Harmonius Homecoming

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Home is more than bricks and mortar. It’s a place to rest, and reflect on an otherwise busy and demanding life. And each detail helps us get there.  In this story, a musician comes home after a rootless stint on the road after a long time traveling away from the family home in the last episode Journey Home series.


This last tour was too much. Six months. Forty cities. I’m beat. It’s good to be home. No, not Manhattan. My real home.

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The path near the front with the granite paving stones and the low bushes on the side is a welcome sight.


There’s a nice breeze as I make my way up the steps towards the patio. It was so hot on the road. I think it will be a nice night.

I think I even missed the stone on the outside of this place. I touch it as I get on to the front deck. My brother and I put these stones in before anyone had ever heard my music, back when I thought I was going to be a builder.


It’s great to put my feet up as I get inside and sit in my favorite chair. I just take a bit of a rest, letting my hand trail on the stone section behind me.

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OK, company’s going to be here soon. I freshen up from the plane ride and let the caterers into the kitchen. One of them makes a comment that this place looks kind of like a castle, with these sliding stone walls.

I laugh. I guess this kind of is my castle.

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But tonight, this place isn’t a castle. It’s a concert hall. I’ve got one last show to put on before this tour is finished – just for a very select audience.

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