Journey Home: Kitchen Memories

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In the fourth episode in our Journey Home series,  Our next traveler goes on a culinary journey into the past, where family holidays and anniversaries blend together, linked by their connection to the kitchen.


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Here’s how I remember my Aunt Bertie’s kitchen. There was Snoopy, hanging out near the kitchen table, hoping that just a mouthful of her famous turkey and stuffing would somehow end up on the floor. I’d often see her chopping onions or tomatoes on her fancy quartz countertop.

Aunt Bertie’s mouthwatering recipes were what got me interested in cooking in the first place.


Turkey. Cranberry sauce. Roasted yams and baked asparagus seasoned with butter. Her kitchen was a wonder.

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When I first moved out, I started cooking for myself.

The kitchen wasn’t much and I shared it with three roommates. But that’s how I got my start.

But I would often think about my Auntie Bertie as I was chopping away, prepping dinner on my own kitchen countertop.

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Then I was off to France, to learn how to cook from the best. I spent countless hours at the kitchen counter, taking in the wonderful smells of my latest creations – baked chicken with apples, marinated mushrooms, figs wrapped in succulent bacon… I wished my Aunt Bertie could be there to see me.

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Now that I’ve got the new restaurant and my new kitchen and I’m all grown up with a family of my own, Aunt Bertie still inspires me.

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I’ve changed her recipe just a little to give it my own little spin when we have family over for the holidays. I think she’d like it.

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