Journey Home: Mosiacs and Patterns

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Here’s the next episode in our Journey Home series. This time, a traveler looks deeply into the mosaics she admires to gather meaning about her life.


Cabot Onyx Mosaic - Onyx Series

Cabot Onyx Mosaic – Onyx Series

I’m an artist now. One of my favorite kinds of art to create is a mosaic pattern using tile. The first one I ever saw was in my mother’s kitchen, of an apple.

These fixtures can really define a room, or even a home.

My father is also an artist. He made the one in the kitchen for my mother. He also created an incredible mosaic our bathroom, which was inspired by the nature he used to see outside his own childhood home in Spain.

It made me want to go there.

So I went! On a visit to my grandparents’ house, the first thing I noticed was a mosaic in the kitchen. It made me feel warm.

My father had not created this one. That was by my grandparents, together. I didn’t even know that they were artists (He was an architect; she was a librarian).

Outside in their garden, they had created a mosaic of pebbles. It looked like a Persian carpet; in fact, it was inspired by their trip to a grand old mosque in Algiers in the 1960s.

In our own home today, my husband and I have installed mosaics everywhere. I dream of what I have seen in the homes of my family and create something new.

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