Journey Home: Not Quite Going Off The Rails

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Here’s another fictional story that might not be yours, but could be, in our “Journey Home” series.

Our second traveler in our series tells us about how she knew she found her true love – and overcame a lifelong bout of bad luck with deck railings.


I’ll admit it. I’m a clumsy person. I guess I realized things were a bit off when I was a young girl.

Source: via Roberta on Pinterest


Rocking chairs. My nemesis.

One minute, I was gently going back and forth on my grandma’s deck. The next minute, I’m waist-deep in water!

Grandma installed these deck rails the next weekend. I never fell off again.

Grandma’s such a sweet lady.

This is in back of my Uncle Herbert’s place in the suburbs. I think I was 12.

We’re all having a great time with a barbecue on the back porch. My stupid brother double-dares me to see if I can fit my head through the railing. Naturally, I take the bet.

Half an hour later, they had to resort to pouring bacon grease on my head to get me out of there!


This next one was definitely not my fault.

Here’s my dog, Fluffy. He’s a good dog, most of the time. But here we were at my first rented home, which I shared with two roommates.

I drop a chicken wing from the barbecue, Fluffy comes running at me and – you know what happens next… he ate the chicken wing.

Also, I fell over the deck railing again.

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest


A year after I got married, Ken and I built this great deck on the back of a cabin just an hour’s drive from our place.

It was pretty snowy and I was a little worried that I would slip. Ken saw the snow and ice and he was a little leery. “Michelle, you better stay inside until I get all that snow cleared off. I love you beyond words, but you and deck railings just don’t get along.”

I wanted to wait. I really did. But it was such a beautiful crisp day and I wanted to stretch my legs after the car ride.

I went outside and in five seconds flat, my feet went out from under me and I was veering, vaulting, somersaulting over the deck railing!

Just as I was about to go over, Ken caught me.

“You’re the perfect guy for me, Ken,” I said. And it was true.

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