Journey Home: Old Wood Home Restoration

Once again, we see that homes are more than just a collection of building materials. They are a part of our lives. In the newest installment of our Journey Home series, a carpenter lets his love of wood play out in the home he has restored for his family.


I’m a carpenter and seasonal homebuilder by trade and I’ve built just about any kind of furniture or home you could name. But wood is in my soul. It goes back to the old house I grew up in.

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I’d spend hours in the summertime just watching the world go by from that front porch my grandfather built with his bare hands. A lot of the original wood decking was still usable in the restoration. They really took care of this place.


In the kitchen, there was that modest prep table my father had put together himself as a gift for my grandmother, when he was just fourteen. She’d often complain she didn’t have enough space, so that little island made all the difference.

In this room, I had to replace a lot of the wood up top, above the new oven. The hardwood flooring needed plenty of refinishing. This room alone took me about a week.

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This dining room used to be my grandfather’s study. Grandpa could spend hours in there, thinking, reading, writing. He wrote books.

He’d get up at least once an hour to stretch his legs and glance out the window to see what everyone was up to. I remember as a small child looking in there and seeing him smoking his pipe.

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The master bedroom. There was a ton of work in here from when the snow came in the 1990s and buckled part of the roof Christmas morning. Mom and Dad were staying here then – they woke up with a pile of snow at the foot of the bed! I thought it was one of pop’s stunts.

The roof just got a patch that time. I pretty much had to take out all the wood and get some new cedar planks on the walls and ceiling. It looks great now.


Yeah, there’s my son. Working away, helping his old man.

We make a good team.

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