Journey Home: Ten Summers Ago

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Our next traveler in our Journey Home series takes a journey into summers spent on his friend’s lakeside deck. He remembers friendships come and gone and realizes what he needs to do.

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I went out to the old cabin on the lake this week. As I sat out by the water on the –- what did Dave call it, the Adirondack chair? A-di-ron-dack! Funny name. Dave knew what everything was called.

Smart guy. I really have to call him one of these days.

Man, I hadn’t been up there in ten years! Ten years since the band split up. Ten years of never quite finding time to get away from it all, out here at the lake.


Ten years of no fishing with the boys.


Ten years without a bucket of cold local beer to keep us cool as the sun beat down.


Ten years since I talked to Michelle as the boats went by.

I heard she’s living only an hour’s drive from here, I think.

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I close my eyes and they’re all there.

It’s ten years ago.

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