Journey Home: The Secret in the Floor

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Here on the BuildDirect blog, we’ve decided to try something a bit different.

One of the big threads on this blog is that you the homeowner are not simply undergoing (and paying for!) remodeling projects or interior design makeovers. You’re building a vision for yourself. You’re telling a story about your life, both where it’s been and where you want it to go. And your home, the one you live in now, and the ones you’ve lived in as you grew up, are a big part of that story. When we think of things in this way, our past can very much feed our present, and the possibilities of our future, too.

As such, here’s an actual fictional story that may not be yours, but very well could be.  It’s the first in a series which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Five people look for inspiration in the places they knows from their past. Our first traveler’s search brings back plenty of ideas — and an unexpected treasure.


key in a lock wooden door

The old house was exactly as I remembered it. As soon as I turned the key in the lock and felt the reassuring little creak in my first steps on the old hardwood floor, I knew I was back home. The memories flooded back. Would I find what I was looking for?

As I poured myself a glass of water in the kitchen sink, I thought about my mother and father taking turns doing the dishes after supper. Almost every time, Dad would miss a spot. Mom wouldn’t say anything — she’d just wait until he’d retired to the living room and then she’d attack the dish with that plaid washcloth. Then it was perfect.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the living room. I thought it would be in among the shelves. Instead, I found myself rummaging through old photo albums. At least I found the photos Dad had taken of us at the zoo, with me getting chased around by that big colorful bird — to this day, I still don’t even know what it was.

As I finished flipping through the albums, I looked down and realized that I had somehow picked the exact same flooring in my own home, down to the precise dark chocolate  shade. Odd coincidence.

I was almost ready to give up the search when I found it in the oddest place — under the tea set, a corner of it just sticking up between the boards.

I couldn’t wait to show it to my kids.

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