Journey Home: The Treasure In The Old House

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In our next fictional journey in the Journey Home series, we see how unique our relationship with the places we live, or have lived, and that we come to cherish actually is (no matter how many legs we’ve got). This traveler’s search is for something he cherishes from his past, dodging and exploring along old garden paving stones, living room area rugs and patio furniture until he finds what he needs most of all …


How could the man with the old running shoes have moved away from this terrific home? True, the man had not moved far. And he was such a nice fellow, the man with the old running shoes. Still… when the car drove past, Fido bolted out the window and down the old path. He couldn’t help himself! He was home! The treasure was close!

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Fido sailed over the low fence. The man with the old running shoes stopped the car. He shouted to Fido to get back in the car. But Fido had other plans. Fido sniffed around the travertine paving stones in the garden.

He poked his nose around the patio furniture. The path of travertine pavers hid no treasure. The patio furniture where the man in the old running shoes used to sit and read was likewise bereft. Where was his treasure? He would need to explore further. Fido slipped through an open glass door into his old living room. But everything was different now! Where was the comfy old couch that the man with the old runners liked to sit? Fido and the man had spent many, many afternoons curled up on that couch.

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Now it was gone. Fido sniffed around the fancy new area rug beneath the new furniture. Did he detect his treasure? Perhaps. It was a subtle clue. But the area rug did alert him to something important. Someone else lived here!

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Fido left off the area rug and bounced up the stairs. Yes! His treasure was close. His tail wagged wildly. When he got to the top of the steps, he found the new dog. “What are you doing here?” the new dog asked. “You have my treasure,” Fido said. “This ball?” the new dog asked. “Hmmmm. I guess it is a treasure.”

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The new friends went out to the flower garden to play with the treasure. The man in the old running shoes had caught up to them by now and he was talking and laughing with the new family for the house. Fido was very happy. After an afternoon of playing with the treasure with his new friend, he curled up on the old blue patio chair and went to sleep.

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