Keeping Cool In The Summer, Just Add Water

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running through the sprinklerYou’re a savvy homeowner living a sustainable life, or making steps to make it more sustainable, and within budget during the summer. So, how can you stay cool without cranking up the AC and expending all that energy without being efficient about it? Your solution is simple: just add water.

Use a water mister

Buy one of those little personal fans with the water bottle attached or just use a spray bottle. You know, the kind you see tourists carrying around. It might feel a little silly to spray yourself with mist every so often, but the evaporating water on your skin cools you down and feels really nice. Try it on your neck rather than your face to keep from smearing your makeup!

Take a swim

Who says that staying cool on a budget doesn’t involve fun? If you can’t beat the summer heat no matter what else you do, it may be time to take a break from everything and dive into the pool. Taking a swim is a great summer activity whether you go with the family or on your own. Do some laps, play games, or just have a good time floating in the cool water. If you don’t feel like leaving the backyard, turn the hose or sprinkler on and create a mini water park!

Drink, drink, drink

It may seem obvious, but many people forget to continuously drink water throughout the day. It’s too easy to become dehydrated in the summer because of how much you sweat. If you can bear it, drink something hot.

The warmer your drink is, the better it’ll cool you down. A beverage like hot tea will actually make you sweat more, which is your body’s natural way of keeping you cool. But an ice-cold glass of water certainly won’t hurt, either.

Make friends with ice

Be creative with water’s solidified form. Ice is great for keeping more than just your drinks cool, and the best part is you don’t need a lot of it. Putting ice on your wrists, your neck, your ankles, or behind your knees will cool your blood down, which in turn cools down your whole body! Take a seat for a few minutes, apply the ice, and enjoy your rest.

Hop in the shower

You don’t want to waste water by staying in the shower too long, but try taking a quick rinse if you’re feeling overheated. Just a few minutes in lukewarm or cool water (don’t go too cold) won’t only cool you down, but it’ll wash the sticky sweat from your skin, which will help keep you feeling fresh. When you get out of the shower, don’t towel yourself off. Let the water evaporate for a more natural cooldown.

Precious water

Water is a fantastic way to stay cool in the summer. It’s healthy, affordable, and won’t drive up your electric bill. Once you’ve tried these five ideas, see what other self-cooling solutions you can come up with by just adding water to your routine on hot days.


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