Keeping Cozy In An Outdoor Living Space

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Reclaim your outdoor living space even in the winter! Here are some ways to stay cozy outdoors as the weather turns colder.


As we enter into the second half of fall and move toward winter, the warmth of summer is just a memory. Activities that used to be reserved for the outdoors suddenly become indoor ones. However, this doesn’t have to happen just yet. The fall weather is often comfortable enough where just a bit of warmth can make for an enjoyable evening. Here are just a few ideas to keep yourself cozy as the temperatures dip.

1. Enjoy an indoor patio

The ideal for any home is to claim your space at all times of the year, including your outdoor living space. But, when that just isn’t practical, an indoor patio can do wonders. A sun room, a remodeled garage, or even an outbuilding like a repurposed shed can serve as a great place for entertaining away from the traditional living room or den.

Tropical Patio by Waterloo Design-Build Firms Schnarr Craftsmen Inc

While these area isn’t conducive to an open fire, a small space heater can make you comfortable. Add a rug or a big carpet square. Re-think how you can bring natural motifs and design elements of the outdoors inside. Plus, it gives you extra incentive to clean out and organize your garage for purposes that really serve you.

2. Install an outdoor fireplace

But, now back to a bona fide outdoor space. A key element needed out there when temperatures begin to dip. Fireplaces don’t have to be built into the interior wall in the traditional sense. They can be placed just about anywhere, and creating a location isn’t as hard as you think.

Traditional Patio by Portland Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers beautiful bones and purple stones

Constructing a small outside wall is a simple way to get a fireplace just where you want it. Often, these are placed under outdoor canopies and can keep you warm, even if the weather is uncooperative.

3. Build or buy a firepit

The first question you should ask yourself when building (or buying) a fire pit is whether it should be portable or permanent. If you want a permanent structure, you can build a creative piece for about the same price using stone, brick, or concrete.

Traditional Patio

You can even make it possible to grill on and add furniture for people to sit around and enjoy the fire and the weather.

4. Invest in a hot tub

There’s no better way to push out the cool autumn air than by buying a hot tub. Picture it now: you’re immersed in a comfortable water temperature while the cool air blows through your hair.

Traditional Deck by Forest Hill Kitchen & Bath Designers Bel Air Construction

It’s quite a scenario, right? Not to mention that hot tubs are cheaper than you may think.

5. Build a canopy

It’s true that heat rises. Therefore, if you build a canopy over a place where you have a fire or outdoor heaters, it will help contain the heat better than you ever imagined.

You can buy one or build one on your own on the cheap. Either way, you’ll feel the difference.

Don’t let the weather get you down

During the fall, don’t let the weather get you down. Instead, create something that makes you want to go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather that only this time of the year can bring.


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