Keeping Your Cool: A Guide To Fans

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Fans are a go-to strategy for air quality and keeping cool. Here are some varieties of fan to consider as weather gets warmer.


Summer is quickly sneaking up on us! Unless you are lucky enough to have an air conditioned home you probably rely pretty heavily on fans during the summertime heat. If you have ever wondered if you have the right one, or are in the market for some new ones, I’m comparing the 4 main types of basic fans that most people invest in:

Oscillating fans

These are the fans you likely remember from your childhood – sitting on the couch waiting to suck in that amazing 3 seconds every time the fan turned back in your direction.

These fans come in all sizes from small ones that sit on your desktop to large ones with stands and are usually your cheapest option.

Standing right in front of these can be a treat but when placed in a hot room they do little more than move the hot air around. The larger ones may help a bit more, but they take up quite a bit of space – I’ve lost count how many times I’ve tripped over these bulky stands or their cords in years past!

Window fans

We bought a few of these fans last year and I think they are fantastic! These are fans that fit tightly into your open window and blow the air from outside into your room. At night we get the cool outside air mixed with the nearby ocean smell and it sure makes for a good night sleep. And bonus – they are fairly inexpensive and take up zero extra space!

The downside of this type of fan is since they can be popped out fairly easily it’s best not to use them on first floor windows or where safety is a concern. Also since the air is blown in from outside if you live in an area where your nighttime air is no cooler it probably won’t make a huge difference. And if you live next door to someone who fires up a smelly truck at the crack of dawn the noise and exhaust are sure to wake you up!

Box fans

These are much like oscillating fans but they are in the shape of a – wait for it – BOX! These generally have a bit more power so they may work better to cool off your room than their oscillating counterparts.

Box fans usually have a handle and are fairly easy to move from room to room so you don’t have to purchase one for each room if you choose not to. However they do tend to take up quite a bit of space.

If you have animals or children these fans are generally not ideal as the blades whipping around fast can be dangerous to curious small hands or paws poking through the cage. And as these are heavy they can topple off tables if you are not very careful.

Ceiling fans

These fans tend to be a bit more expensive and require some installation (we even have some posts on this site to help you out with that!) but these are a fantastic option. They are out of the way, can be programmed to be activated with a light switch and do a great job of keeping your room cool.

What type of fan helps you keep your cool during the summer?

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