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How to Keep Your Neighbors Happy During Your Home Renovation

The best way to win your neighbors over during a noisy home renovation is to be honest and up front with them early on in your project, and extend an invitation to ask any questions they may have about an upcoming project of their own. Also, a little bribe here and there never hurt anyone. For a more in depth look at the best way to make nice with neighbors during your reno, check out our fun video (and transcript) below:

Home renovation is a lot of fun, but let’s face it—it also means a lot of noise. You might be prepared for all the nail hammering and power sanding…but chances are, your neighbours may not be too thrilled.

Here are two things you can do to stay on your neighbor’s good side during your renovation:

  1. Show Up Early, With Gifts

If you think your renovation will run longer than expected, don’t wait until it’s too late. Go and explain the situation as early as possible! But, don’t show up empty handed.

chocolate chip cookie gift

Fresh baked cookies are a time-tested peace offering. Bring a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies over, and show your neighbors that you really do care.

wine gift

Or! If they’re the more distinguished type, may we suggest a nice bottle of wine?

  1. Spark Their Interest

Another solution is to get them interested in your home renovation project. Maybe they’re considering a home renovation as well, and would be interested in checking out yours!

Whatever you choose to do, making your neighbors feel appreciated or involved can make a big difference in alleviating their frustration.

home renovation

Just keep in mind, of all the home improvement projects you might tackle, mending fences with your neighbor may turn out to be the most important.

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