Kids’ Art: 5 Ways To Preserve The Love Without Clutter

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We cherish our children’s art. How can we celebrate kid’s art, and continue the fight against clutter, too? Here are 5 ideas on how to proceed artfully.


We love it when our kids make us art, from preschool finger-paintings to pencil drawings from middle-school art class. Holding on to all those keepsakes could take up a whole attic, but you don’t want to lose the precious pieces of art your children lovingly made you. And you want your child’s sense of artistic expression is represented in your home.

Fortunately, there are some clever ways to repurpose your kids’ creations into something beyond the fridge door. We’ve covered a few ideas for displaying art before, but now we’re back with a whole new approach to making children’s art shine in creative ways that are also useful, and don’t contribute to clutter. Here are a few ideas.

1. Make your kids’ art into customer puzzles

You know those puzzles based on the great masterpieces of art? This idea lets your kid have a puzzle to their own homemade masterpieces. Take your kid’s painting or drawing and glue it onto heavy cardboard or cardstock.

Then, cut out puzzle shapes. For an extra special touch, print a photo of the piece beforehand and tape it to a shoebox — it doubles as storage for the pieces and a reference for putting the puzzle together.

2. Create greeting cards from kids’ art

Glue artwork onto some cardstock and you’ve got a ready-made card that any relative or family friend would love to receive. You can even make your kid their own custom set of greeting cards by taking a photo of the art and using an online service to have a batch printed.

With this method, you may even be able to have your child’s name or a simple message printed on each card. Bonus: It’s a great way to get kids excited about sending out thank-you cards.

3. Convert kids art into placemats

Take your child’s artwork to a printing service to have each piece laminated. It preserves the artwork perfectly and turns each piece into a custom placemat. Set out the laminated artwork before meals to remind your kid that you value their efforts and to inspire their creativity.

clip and wire childrens artwork

4. Craft a paper chain

Décor for your kid’s room should be customized to their style. By turning their own artwork into a paper chain, you’ll match their aesthetic effortlessly. To complete this project, cut up their artwork into strips of equal size (about 1 inch by 8 inches).

Then, staple the first strip into a circle. Loop the next strip through, staple together, and continue until you use all your strips. Hang it up in your child’s bedroom or a playroom, or save it as a decoration for a birthday party.

5. Transform children’s artwork into abstract art

Décor created from recycled kids’ art doesn’t have to be just for kids’ spaces. In fact, this abstract art project turns it into something you’d display in even your most stylish rooms. Take colorful pieces of artwork and cut them into small shapes.

You can get creative with this by making the shapes equal in size or random. Then arrange them on a canvas or plain cardstock to create an abstract look. A grid layout offers a subtle, modern look while a random arrangement is a bit more avant-garde.

Kids art is a contribution to their home

Art is a way that people of all ages say something about themselves, and about the world they live in. By integrating your children’s artwork into custom designs to share, or to use as a means of decorating a space, you are helping them to contribute to the personality of your home. And when you can do that and fight the war on clutter at the same time, everyone wins!




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