Kids Bedrooms: 5 Themes For Your Adventure-Lovin’ Kid

Imagination is what makes childhood so fun.

It’s when sofa cushions become an impenetrable fortress, a cardboard box becomes the fastest car in the world, and a patch of trees in the backyard becomes an immense forest hiding untold dangers.

Everything is magical when a child’s six years old.

So why shouldn’t their bedroom be, too?

Some kids like fairytales, others obsess about dream careers, like being a fireman or a ballerina or a doctor, and some kids were raised reading, and wanting to live, Where the Wild Things Are.

For those kids, we give you five adventure-theme rooms for kids with derring-do.


Monkeying Around: Jungle Rooms

A jungle theme is one of those rooms you can do a little bit with, or you can go over the top. From stencils and murals to exotic animal print fabrics or bamboo matting for covering the walls with, this is a wild-at-heart way to bring adventure home.

Whether you go for a rainforest-style room or maybe decide to do a shipwrecked Swiss-Family-Robinson approach to a jungle habitat, or a safari-and-tent style room, there’s lots to play with, even if animals are in the decor or not.

Bamboo, grasses, bold jungle colors, plants, an assortment of stuffed animals, and even a treehouse in the room can give your little explorer quite a world to live in.

Mission Control: Planet Awesome

Space is cool for boys and girls. Who doesn’t love an exploding sun, a star being born, or a distant galaxy on the horizon? With decor theme options from alien worlds, cosmic wonders, and space captains, there’s a lot you can play with when your head’s past the clouds.

Think of decorating in blues. Bring in glow-in-the-dark stars, Christmas lights, and wall decals.

Contemporary Kids design by Orlando Design-build Hobus Homes

Embrace interstellar landscapes, rocks, funky lighting, and all kinds of accents. Consider turning beds into spacecrafts, and make sure you put a lot of focus on the ceiling, because everyone knows space isn’t white!

Get some popcorn popping and put on your brainstorming hat while you have a movie night. From Mission to Mars to Planet of the Apes, from Starship Troopers to Star Trek, Hollywood is full of inspiration for your design.

The Wild, Wild West

The Wild West is a great place to explore for fun bedroom themes. A Tipi in the corner can be a reading hideaway. Reclaimed lumber can be a low-cost way of bringing in character and making dramatic walls. Horses, rugged landscapes, hand-me-down saddles, and mock covered wagons all belong here. So do jail bars, saloon doors, animal horns, and more.

These theme rooms are in the details, so having a spool of hemp rope on the wall, a pair of six-shooters in holsters, cowhide-print throws, old cowboy boots sitting by the door, “reward” posters hung up, quilted bedspreads, and more are all ideal in a Western-themed room. Going over-the-top only means bringing it all home. Go for it.

Hang them lone-stars high and saddle up, pardner.

Castaway! Stuck on The Seven Seas

From sailing the ocean blue to undersea worlds, there’s so much you can do with a water-world bedroom. Whether it’s turning an old rowboat into a kid’s bed for a old-school fishing room, building a pirate’s plunder for a yo-ho-ho bedroom full of bounty, or creating a magical world for a mermaid, there’s no limit to ocean-faring adventures to include little ones in.

From Jacques Cousteau to Captain Jack Sparrow, there’s a lot of inspiration in the old video library for this theme room. Sink or swim, this room’s sure to make a splash.

Thar Be Monsters!

From life long before Maurice Sendak, animals and monsters have always inspired kids, even the scary creatures. Whether you use silhouettes for a dialed-down effect, or you go over-the-top with an Incredibed-style stuffed-animal kid’s bed, there’s a lot of potential here. From Disney’s Monsters to Down Under‘s koalas, there’s no end in sight for inspiring creature-based rooms.

While I love these minimalist decals, the slate-grey walls kill it for me, especially when you’re talking about what should be a fun and vivid bedroom for kids. Embrace color, exaggerate mood, and have fun decorating your den of critters.

Source: via Monica on Pinterest


Childhood only comes once, and there’s nothing more fun than a bedroom that’s a portal to imaginary worlds. I grew up with pretty “girl” rooms, but my brother had a bedroom that looked like a jungle cabin, and I found myself in there a lot. Giving your kids a passport to dream is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

If you’ve been considering doing something bold and creative to your child’s bedroom, don’t put it off any longer. It could be a life-changing, mind-expanding gift for your little one… and you might just have some fun doing it.

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