Shared Kids’ Bedroom: 4 Strategies To Consider

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Children who share their bedrooms tend to be more flexible, less self-involved, and much closer with their siblings than kids that have their own rooms. But that doesn’t mean sharing space always comes easily. Avoid tears and tantrums with these clever tricks for a shared kids’ bedroom. This should give all your kids the living space they crave.

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Tips for Creating a Shared Kids’ Bedroom That Makes Everyone Happy

1. Divide the Space

There are many ways that you can physically divide a shared kids’ bedroom into two separate areas. Large pieces of furniture like bookshelves, closets, or dressers make great semi-permanent dividers. If space is limited, consider open shelving which can be shared and accessed from either side. Ensure the pieces are heavy, particularly if your children are young, so they don’t topple over.

Alternatively, you could install a curtain track across the ceiling. Your kids can pull out the curtain when they’re playing with friends or studying and pull it back when they want to spend time together.

For a more extreme solution, don’t be afraid to put up baby gates. They can create a physical barrier to stop the squabbles which is particularly effective when siblings have a significant age gap.

2. Consider Bunk Beds

childrens bunk beds

Bunk beds essentially give a pair of sharing siblings their own bedroom zones. The key here is making them more than simply a place to sleep. Let each child decorate the space around their own bed as they like, and add wall-mounted shelves near each bed to hold favorite bedtime stories. Many parents buy matching linens for a cohesive look, but children will appreciate choosing their own comforters and sheets which reflect their individuality.

Since bunk beds are stacked on top of one another, they also take up no more space than a regular single bed. That makes them a real space-saver for small bedrooms. This can also be really easy way to decrease clutter during spring cleaning time.

3. Decorate Differently

If you love the idea of separately decorated bunk bed zones, don’t be afraid to take it to the extreme. The internet is full of excellent examples of shared bedrooms decorated in different ways to visually divide the space. Different styles of wallpaper in one room can be really striking together!

Get your kids involved in decorating the space. They’ll love knowing that they don’t have to compromise to suit their siblings and appreciate having a space that they can truly call their own.

4. Give Them Space for Private Things

shared kids' bedroom

Many children feel that anything in their bedroom is fair game. However, this approach can rankle aging siblings. You can give every child the privacy they crave by allocating individual drawers to each child. This will give children space to store anything they don’t want their siblings to touch.

If the siblings have sticky fingers, it might be worth investing in lockable safes. Each one should have a unique combination, so each child has a place to store. It’s smart for parents to also know each number in case one of their children forgets the code.

Sharing a bedroom can be challenging, but these clever decorating ideas will give your children the privacy and space they deserve in a shared room. Now all you have to worry abiout is if they keep it clean!

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