Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Design And Practicality

cultured-grey-room porcelain kitchen backsplash

Kaska Porcelain Mosaic Cultured Stone Series “Grey” from BuildDirect.

Your kitchen backsplash can become a true design asset for your space. Take a look at these kitchen backsplash ideas from tile to mesh-backed mosiacs.


A kitchen backsplash are practical, no doubt. They protect your walls against water damage. Often, backsplashes look kind of the same as the counter. Sometimes they even are a continuity of the countertop. But that’s a little boring, don’t you think?

Backsplashes have great design potential if you think about them in new, original ways. Contrast of colors, materials and textures can give your kitchen amazing visual effects, from ultra-modern to eclectic, and more. Match your backsplash to your table rather than your countertop, or use a completely unexpected material to drum up some style.

How can you think of backsplashes in different ways? Let’s have a look at these kitchen backsplash ideas.

Think about color

One great thing you can do with backsplashes is playing with its colors. With different types of tiles come different possibilities. Use a multi-colored glass tile with transparency, an elegant white marble or a grey stone-like porcelain.

If your kitchen is already quite colorful, you might want to keep your backsplash a bit more tame. Neutral stone or porcelain will do just fine. Try to find something that complements the color of your countertop for a more harmonious look.

Kitchen backsplash

However, if your kitchen is on the neutral, less colorful side, then you can totally go crazy with the backsplash color. It’ll be discreet because there won’t be too much of it, but it’ll definitely perk up the look of your kitchen.

For color, I recommend glass mosaic. It’s more varied in style and color than other materials, and the translucent texture has a nice appeal for the kitchen. You can even get a printed-type mosaic for a truly original backsplash that will (excuse the pun) make a splash.

Think about material and texture

Different materials have different looks, but have you considered the effect that different materials can have in your kitchen? Choosing a backsplash material not only for its practical purposes, but also for its appearance, can help you design a kitchen with plenty of visual appeal.

Common materials for backsplash materials include glass, glass and stone blend, natural stone, porcelain and other ceramics, and metal. Each has a distinctive look and design properties.

black bamboo kitchen backsplash

“Black Bamboo” Glass Blend Pattern kitchen backsplash from BuildDirect.

Glass, as I explain above, has the widest range of colors and looks. Glass is cheap and easy to produce, which means a cost-friendly choice for you. Glass has a nice translucent sheen that can contrast beautifully with the solidity of a stone countertop like granite.

The glass and stone blend still has some interesting colors and features, but looks a little more classic, thanks to the addition of stone. The contrast between stone and glass appears in the mosaic itself, which makes it a visually interesting material to use in your kitchen.

Natural stone is smooth and solid; it comes in matte or shiny finishes. Natural stone is a beautiful material that is usually more neutral in color, but can still make an impression. Choose a contrasting color from your countertop for something more visually arresting, or keep it close for something more harmonious. The texture itself should be the star here.

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Ceramic and porcelain are another low-cost option with plenty of design potential. Porcelain can be “printed” to look like other material, like wood. So if you dream of a wood backsplash, but with the moisture-resistant properties of actual porcelain tile, you’re in luck!

 kids eye view

Cabot brand Iridescent series “Ivory” from BuildDirect.

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Last but not least, the modern sheen of a metal tile cannot be underestimated. The great thing about metal tiles is that they come in a wide variety of interesting shapes, from the typical square or rectangle to funky scales and other rounded shapes. The shiny appearance of metal tile is definitely unique. It’s great for ultra-modern design styles!

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Your kitchen backsplash as design assets

With just a little more thought and consideration, you can choose a kitchen backsplash tile as a design asset rather than just a practical item for your kitchen. By thinking about color, material and texture, you can turn what could be simply just an item on a checklist into a true design element.

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