Kitchen Backsplash Materials: An Infographic

Kitchen backsplashes and wall tile mosaics help to define your kitchen decor in style and function. Here are some common materials presented via infographic.


When thinking about home improvement and home decor, no matter what project you’re thinking about undertaking there is one balance to strike that is common in every one; how your spaces will look in relation to how they will function. There are fewer better examples where these two forces are most important than in your kitchen.

Further to that is your kitchen backsplash is a vital element that takes in both of those concerns. With that in mind, here’s an infographic, and the first ever on BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home that is animated (cool!), which reviews this very important addition to the look and function of your kitchen. Take a look!


Optimal characteristics of kitchen backsplashes

What are some of the things that quality kitchen backsplashes should reflect, no matter which of the above you choose? Well, on the functionality side, it should repel moisture of course. A backsplash should also be easy to clean. Vinyl, glass, metal, and porcelain tile are low maintenance options on both scores. Stone and fabric backsplashes can work too, provided that they are properly sealed.

Otherwise, your chosen backsplash can act as an eye catching visual element that can help you to focus your plans for a kitchen design. Most of the above work very well within established design traditions, as well as ones that you mash up yourself. From here, it’s a question of the kinds of textural and color contrasts you decide to go with.

Subtle style in kitchens

Think of your kitchen backsplash as an element that contributes to the whole room, visually speaking. Some of the examples above are bold and call attention to themselves. Some of the them are neutral, allowing for other elements in a space to shine. All of them subtly change the appearance of the kitchen, adding their own signature to the stylistic direction.

Your kitchen backsplash

What’s your current kitchen backsplash made from?

If you could add a new one, which of the above examples of backsplash materials would you choose?

What are some unexpected backsplash materials you’ve discovered in your travels that work well, or don’t?

Tell us your thoughts and stories in the comments section of this post.



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