Kitchen Design Accents and Accessories in the Fall

The kitchen is where the fruits of your summer-long labors go to be canned, cooked, or baked. Since you’re going to be spending so much time in there, it’s worth it to take the time to decorate it with some seasonal touches.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. As much fun as I had in the garden, I love losing myself in the cinnamon smells, vibrant colors, and holiday gatherings around the kitchen, whether I’m cooking for Thanksgiving our having friends over for a laid-back afternoon tea.

Autumn plants for decoration

No one complains about the beauty of a flower, and the same can be said for the rich colors and textures of autumn leaves. Dried ears of corn, and collections of maple leaves with their subtle hues are an excellent palette to inspire your kitchen designs.

You can find a vast assortment of themed table linens to accompany your natural decorations. You may even take inspiration from their seasonal designs and scatter small baskets around the kitchen full of squash and other fall vegetables. You can build out from a big pumpkin, add a few pinecones and dried flowers, and you’ll have an amazing centerpiece.

Replace your curtains and rugs underneath your breakfast nook to match your table linens, or other decorations. Try a forest fall pattern on your drapes for some contrast.

Fall scents for the kitchen

Autumn is harvest time, so it’s a good time to put your baking skills to the test. A few loaves of fresh bread, or a tray or two of muffins helps soothe the loss of the summer sun. If friends are coming around for a party or just a quiet cup of tea, the smell of freshly baked goods will set a great mood for your gathering. A potpourri of cloves, nutmeg, acorns and other autumn seasonal materials can help usher in the season.

Set a seasonal mood

Candles aren’t just for romantic evenings over a bottle of wine and a fine meal. Experiment with different sizes and arrangements in the kitchen or in the dining room. Scented candles of cloves, pumpkin spice and other Autumnal aromas are a great complement to a cozy kitchen. A sweet cinnamon scent is always welcome on a cool evening.

Kitchen decorating is in the details

For fall, kitchenware and decorations that show off wood, copper colors or rustic accents are usually a safe bet. Think of the kind of rural-style accents you might find at a country fair. Combine the elements with care, but remember to have fun while you’re decorating!

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