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So, let’s say you’ve decided that a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be this immediate, overnight transformation like you see on TV. Let’s assume that you’re siding with the tortoise, and not so much with the hare.

Let’s say that you’re totally on board with the idea that kitchen remodels can take the form of a gradual transformation; a color scheme change, a decorative house plant or two, the addition of new artwork, or a new way of storing your cooking implements.

But, maybe that was a while ago.

Since then, you’ve set aside a larger budget for your kitchen remodel. You’ve prioritized. And now, you’ve got twice the amount to spend than you had – $1000.

Following a similar path that you did with your $500 kitchen remodel, where does twice the budget get you? Well, take a look at this graphic that shows you the possibilities of a kitchen remodel for a whole grand.

Kitchen remodel 1000: pushing the boat out a bit further

When you’ve got $1000 instead of $500, it’s not time to lay out solid gold flooring and a platinum stove.Where $500 let you add some subtle additions, twice that amount on a kitchen remodel still puts you solidly in accessories and subtle texture country.  But, you can expand your horizons a little bit more.

With $1000, the additions can be a bit more obvious – a new backsplash, new window coverings, a new pot rack, even a wine cooler!

Expanding on what you created before

Another aspect of all of this of course is a steady design evolution in your kitchen. You had the budget before to choose a tasteful color for the walls. Now, maybe you can afford to create an accent wall to bring out the subtleties a bit more. Maybe there’s a textural aspect to that wall as well.  Toward the same goal, maybe your earthenware and crockery has been replaced to be a part of that new color dynamic. And perhaps too, that brown crown molding adds more value than it would have before without those other color elements in place.

When you’ve got $1000 to spend, thinking about expanding on what was there before when you invested $500 makes the whole thing easier. It reveals a path that maybe you were trying to define all along. Or maybe it reveals something that comes as a pleasant surprise, a new vista for the design possiblilities

Kitchen remodel 1000: a chance to learn about what you really want

When you’ve got a grand budgeted for a kitchen remodel in 2012, it’s often a cosmetic project rather than reconstructive surgery. This is not to de-value it in any way. It’s a start, and a greater one than you had a while back when you could only devote $500 to it. It offers you a chance that perhaps a bigger budget might not allow you to see as clearly. This is a chance to ramp up to your dream kitchen. It’s a chance to play around with color, and get a sense of how your walls, art, countertop accessories, and other details look in various seasons, and at various times of day. It’s a chance for you to learn more about your space, and collect more ideas.

Who knows? Maybe this $1000 investment in your kitchen can actually help you to re-think some of the things you thought you wanted in a kitchen. Maybe this one-grand project can help you focus on a bigger spend, and a bigger scale of project later on. Intelligence, especially when it comes to bigger projects, is like gold. This cosmetic stage of a kitchen remodel can help you get there.

Some questions for you

  • What would you do with a $1000 budget in your kitchen?
  • What do you think are the advantages of a gradual kitchen remodel project?
  • Would you throw caution to the wind and just invest in one big change?
  • What obvious thing did we miss in the above graphic?
Let me know your responses in the comments section!



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