Kitchen Remodel 3000

Alright, kitchen remodeling fans!

You’ve taken $500 and done something stylish with your kitchen, even if it was just to add some key accessories and a new coat of paint. Then, you doubled your budget and took a whole grand to expand on those subtleties, perhaps concentrating on certain areas with the idea of expanding outward later on when a bigger budget became within reach.

But, that time is now!

You’ve increased your kitchen remodeling budget by three. What kinds of new textures, new appliances, new surfaces, can now be yours in a kitchen remodel with a $3000 budget? Well, here is one scenario for you to consider, with some (very!) rough numbers. Take a look.

New appliances, greater value

In the above graphic, the budget concentrates a lot on new appliances. You didn’t really need a graphic to point this out to you, of course. This would be the first place a lot of people would turn when undergoing a kitchen remodel with a $3000 budget. But, there’s a reason for that. New appliances lend all kinds of long-term value, especially in the 21st century kitchen. First, modern appliances are designed to fit into a wide variety of kitchen designs. They’re designed to be sleek, as well as functional. They also tend to be more energy efficient, which has green lifestyle implications, as well as money-saving ones for the next big project.

And design-wise, the choice of black appliances tend to represent options that open up all kinds of color-patterning possibilities. That’s some multifaceted and lasting value on a number of levels. Talk about your optimized budgeting!

Cover more ground – and more walls and surfaces

One thing that a larger kitchen remodeling lets you do is to effect more surface area. This means tile flooring, either stone tile or ceramic. Some even include wood flooring in kitchens, or tile that looks like wood flooring. The same goes for a new countertop, and backsplash. These kinds of surfaces fundamentally change the look and feel of being in your kitchen. They can also provide that long-term value aspect. Really, that’s when you know you’ve used your budget wisely – that you get a room that will provide returns for years to come.

More on energy efficiency in your remodeled kitchen

Touching on energy efficiency again, the installation of new windows, and duel ceiling fans also help you to optimize your budget even further. Once again, this helps you fund the next big project you’ve got in mind. Besides that, this is your chance to bring your kitchen into a new era; water efficient dish-washers, and freezers on the lower tier of your fridge for more efficient cooling buys you value that offers benefits beyond the cost for a kitchen remodel at this budgetary level.

Some questions for you

  • When you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, what kinds of long-term benefits are most important to you?
  • What’s your idea of a true, 21st century kitchen?
  • If you had a choice between new appliances, and new surfaces, which way would you go?
  • What have we missed in this graphic – what should we not have included?
Tell me all about it in the comments section!


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