Kitchen Remodel 500

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In the months before the Holiday Season (I know, I know – it’s a drag to hear about that before Halloween has even arrived …) something kicks in for many homeowners when it comes to affecting transformations in their spaces, particularly in the kitchen. This makes a certain amount of sense. During that period, friends and family are set to gather. And the kitchen is a central hub of activity at any time of year, but is an even busier hive of activity when you’ve got a houseful of guests.

Sometimes kitchen remodel projects like this are just about getting a new look. Sometimes it’s more than that – a need for a better use of space, or increased functionality of a kitchen space, maybe. Whatever the reason, getting a budget squared away is an important, nay vital, consideration. But, not everyone is working from the same budgetary scale.

So, with that in mind, here’s the first in a kitchen remodel series of graphics that helps to draw a kitchen remodel into budgetary perspective. This time around, we’re assuming you’ve got five-hundred bucks to spend.

Kitchen remodel in increments

Because of the home makeover type shows we’ve seen on TV, a lot of people feel that a kitchen remodel has to be this huge reveal on a grand, Steven Speilberg blockbuster scale. Well, it doesn’t. These kinds of projects would be great, of course. But, sometimes its best to remember that many kinds of transformations of the best sort happen over a longer period of time. They happen in increments. If you’re looking to spend $500 0n a kitchen remodel, this is a great strategy.

Color and your kitchen remodel project

Traditionally speaking shades of yellow are the most associated color range for kitchens. This isn’t the only way to go of course. But, just for the sake of argument we’ve gone pretty traditional above. But even with that in mind, the main color you choose should work with what’s already there, if you’re not going to replace larger items. And when you do get around to doing that as more of your budget is freed up beyond your $500 kitchen remodel, you can always repaint.

Kitchen remodels using accessories

Connected with that idea, sometimes it’s the details that make the most difference. Plants, a couple of pieces for the countertop like cutting boards, knife racks, or spice racks, new towels for drying dishes, a new piece of art for the wall; these are like gold to the $500 kitchen remodel, inching your way toward a bigger vision for what your kitchen could be.  Sometimes its these kinds of accessories that can bring out what’s been there in your kitchen the whole time.

Some questions for you

  • What would be your main goal for a kitchen remodel – look, better use of space, other?
  • What’s the first thing you’d change about your own kitchen if you had $500 to spend?
  • Would you rather save up for a larger scale kitchen remodel, rather than the slow boat to China approach?
  • What cool ideas have we missed above that totally should have been a part of this graphic? What should we have left out?

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