Kitchen Remodel 5000

OK, Kitchen remodeling hopefuls.

We’ve talked about budgets ranging from $500, to $1000, to $3000. We’ve seen that all along the line, it’s still the subtle benefits that count, even if the purchases get bigger and more obvious. We’ve talked about function too, and how comfort is the ultimate goal, no matter what your budget for a kitchen remodel happens to be.

But, what of the remodel option that builds from there? What about an even bigger budget – $5000?

Well, once again, take a look at the below graphic that roughly maps out what such a kitchen remodel might look like.

Structural or layout changes

When you’ve got a bigger budget for a kitchen remodel, you can still trade on the subtleties; color contrasts, key accessories, artwork. But, a budget like that can allow you to break the rules a bit more. And breaking the rules in order to establish what you’re looking for in a space, rather than settling for what’s already there, is one of the hallmarks of 21st century homeownership. This means changing the layout of your kitchen, in the above case by adding a functional island, with barstool seating. But, maybe you’ve got other ideas.

The $5000 spend may involve thinking about how you operate in your kitchen. What’s your workflow? Do you tend to prepare vegetables, or cut meat, or arrange snacks on a plate while you’re next to the stove, or adjacent to the fridge, or next to the sink? What’s the most efficient layout you can think of? Before you rethink the layout of your $5000 kitchen remodel, think about how that layout will best serve you, the one who cooks, moves, and otherwise interacts there.

New activities in your new kitchen

One thing that’s evident from the above is the addition of more electronic features in your new kitchen. Specifically, it’s possible to add a TV just for your kitchen. The discussion about placement, and workflow comes in here again of course. What will be the most comfortable placement of a TV screen? But, before that question is answered, it might be worth asking about how a TV, or really any electronic device, changes the way you interact in your kitchen.  For instance, will a TV change the way mealtimes play out? What about noise levels in your home?

Once again, the great thing about the 21st century homeowning is that there are no rules but for the ones that make the most sense for you and your family.  Maybe instead of that TV, you’re going to want to spend a part of your $5000 kitchen remodel on a bigger kitchen table, fit for family boardgame night. Or maybe mealtime family viewings of “Jeopardy” really is your thing.  It all depends on you. And your budget should support those values, whatever they are, before they support those purchases.

Some questions for you

  • What kind of room is your kitchen – TV watching, family activities, just meals, just food prep, all of the above?
  • If you could change the layout of your current kitchen, what would you do? What would you add, or take away?
  • In planning remodels in the past, how have you broken the rules in favor of your own needs and those of your family?
  • What should we have included above? What should we have left out?
Tell me all about it in the comments section!


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