Kitchen Remodeling: Getting The Order Right

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The kitchen is a vital and multi-purpose room in your home. It may be the ultimate room for this kind of thing. So, when it comes to bringing it up to date in terms of style and function, it’s usually a pretty big deal. And we often think of it being pretty expensive, too, and in all kinds of ways, including how much physical energy it can take out of you. 

But, what if you did it in stages, with careful budgetary planning, including the aforementioned levels of energy? Guest writer Jake Oates is here to talk about how to tackle a kitchen remodel, slowly but surely …


The kitchen truly is the hub of any home and renovating or updating it in any way can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, like any DIY project in the home it can also be a time consuming and exhausting process. As the kitchen is probably the most used room in any home, giving it a makeover can be extremely disruptive.

Here is a useful guide to help you create your perfect kitchen without disrupting your day to day life.

The logical order

When the planning stage is completed purchase all the items you require well in advance. This will make the installation process run efficiently and will avoid any disruptions. For example, if a certain fixture or fitting does not arrive, it could cause a scheduled installation to be delayed.

These should be the first physical changes you make as they are the most time consuming and messiest aspect of kitchen renovation. Work closely with the correct contractors and have a good idea of how long it is going to take.   

This is when the kitchen will finally be taking shape and you will be able to use it more easily and frequently. Installing cabinet doors, lights and appliances is the least time consuming stage of the whole project. If you have your heart set on marble or granite work surfaces but do not have the required funds, choose inexpensive alternatives like laminate or vinyl – you can always upgrade these at a later date.

Flooring in your kitchen

This should be the final process of your kitchen remodel. Installing solid floors such as solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring, tile,  or stone floors will certainly lend your kitchen a lot of class and refinement. But, if they’re installed too early, installer’s boots, falling materials and tools, and the debris from other projects can have a negative impact on how your floors will look. Think of your kitchen floor as the finishing touch, after the dust has settled, sometimes literally.

“Wood grain” porcelain tile – made for kitchen flooring!

Troubleshoot and be prepared

What if your worried about running out of materials or funds? What about last minute changes? What if your unhappy with the level of service or quality of work and materials? These are just some of the hurdles you should be prepared for. What could be worse than being halfway through the renovation and hating what’s been done? This could disrupt your kitchen use and home life even more.

Plan ahead with an experienced kitchen remodeler

When it comes to deciding on your ideal kitchen and the specific changes you want to make, it’s always beneficial to plan beforehand, as we’ve seen. Decide on what specific changes you want to make including the layout and quality of appliances and materials you use. Work with a kitchen designer. They will have the experience and know-how to help you create your desired kitchen in a logical, planned out way. A good tip would be to create a detailed plan including layout images.

Take care of yourself

The underlying principles to follow are about being realistic, and being patient. Plan well, and pace yourself. And above all, take care of yourself; your kitchen remodel should serve you, not the other way around. And what you’ll be left with is a room that you can feel proud of, and feel at peace in.


Thanks, Jake!

 Jake Oates of Custard Media wrote this post on behalf of Britannia Living, a UK based provider of high quality, premium kitchen appliances. For more information you can visit their website at today and check out their extensive range of products.





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