Kitchens, Backsplashes and Natural Stone

A growing trend in sprucing up your kitchen is a simple and quick overhaul of the backsplash. As with floors and countertops, there are a lot of different materials being used. Some people prefer porcelain or ceramic tiles for ease of cleaning, some prefer glass mosaics for a dash of flair, others prefer the time honored look of natural stone. Whichever you decide, there are easy cookie cutter ways to give your kitchen a unique look, or, for the more artistic among us, there are much more intricate designs. You can get sheets of mosaics that are already mesh mounted and easy to cut to size, or you can use left over pieces and cuts from a flooring project to make your own design.

A word to the wise, put your thoughts on paper and sketch out a couple of designs. This will help you to determine just how much work your project will involve.

For a brief article on how to install a simple backsplash, check out a link from HERE.

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