Laminate Floor Can-Crushing

Reading Time: 1 minute

It is important to recycle.  And we at BuildDirect do our part, particularly when it comes to beer cans.  The fun part of course is the drinking, as everyone knows.  But, there’s another fun part folks – the crushing.  Well, maybe it’s only fun for us.  And we are talking about the cans, not the headaches the next morning…

This is the way we look at it. When you’re attempting to test the limits of a laminate floor, with the intention of utterly destroying any faint hope that they’re going to be left unwrecked after being installed outside, you gotta do what’cha gotta do.  Take a look:

It should be said that the article which Marc is showing off is bona fide – we didn’t mock that up to fake anyone out.


We got our pictures in the paper! Without getting arrested! Again! Kidding!



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