Laminate Flooring Impact Test!

Today’s installment of Watch Us Wreck a Floor is kind of what they call a microcosm; it sums up what the whole thing’s about, all within one episode.  Of course, this means that our Marc is going to break a lot of stuff on the floor to see what it will take to wreck it.  With his bare hands.  Take a look:

So, Marc had fun. You can see that the psychotic gleam in his eye is slightly more pronounced in today’s episode.  Filming this, I must admit I got a little nervous, as stoked as I was to see our outdoor laminate flooring get a beating.  Marc got into it.  And I thought he might turn on me.

If you watch, you can see me in the reflection of the window behind Marc. In this respect, our video is much like the video for 80s hairdo band A Flock of Seagulls with their 1982 hit ‘I Ran’.  We have less hair than A Flock of Seagulls had, of course. And there’s no tinfoil in our video.  But, you can see the camera in the mirror in that video too.


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