Laminate Flooring vs Office Chair Demolition Derby!

Reading Time: 1 minute

One of the specific test which is run by the EPLF in order to award a laminate flooring product an AC rating is an abrasion test that involves castors, which are those rolly things on the feet of office chairs.  This is done very scientifically of course, ignoring how much fun it is to use those rolly things they call castors on a smooth, and durable surface.

But,  we can’t ignore the fun part – that’s crazy talk!  So, Marc and Rona were set up with their own chairs to play a little blind chicken.  And of course to try and wreck a laminate floor in the process.  The filming today was done in two sessions – third person and first person. Here’s the third person perspective, which I shot:


I ran out of juice, as Marc is keen to point out.  But, Marc got the first person perspective on film.  For those of you prone to motion sickness, break out the Gravol…


It should be stated that our castors are plastic, not metal. So, that may have an impact on the results. But, I should say this too. That Marc and Rona, as I type, are still out there rolling around on their wheely-chairs, like a couple of hyper-caffinated rollerskates. Actually, I’ve never seen a hyper-caffinated rollerskate. I’m not even sure it’s possible to infuse a rollerskate with caffeine. But, I think you know what I mean.


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