Landscaping For Curb Appeal Made Easy

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Landscaping for curb appeal is a great way to show that you care for your home, your yard and neighborhood. All of this makes for greater value of your property, and a greater chance of success when it comes time to sell your home.

There are some easy things you can do to get your yard in the best curb appeal shape possible, and much of it is just refreshing existing plants, and replacing others that are failing to thrive.

Key strategies to increase curb appeal

Some of the products that you need to have handy before beginning may include the following.

Mulch, bark, pine needles or wood chips for color contrast and easy maintenance
Depending on the type of climate you live in, you will want to have one of these products available. They are used as a filler to place in between plants. The purpose is to seal in water for your plants, but aesthetically, it provides a nice additional color that is very appealing. If you live in a high moisture or high termite risk area, pine needles are the material of choice. For those areas that are dry and hot, then wood chip and bark work great because they hold in the water that will best sustain your plants for longer, and with less usage of your garden hose.

Colorful plants that grow quickly
When you know that you’re getting ready to sell, annuals tend to be colorful, and they usually grow very quickly. Flowers such as petunias, pansies and daisies are great for a quick blast of colorful curb appeal. They are inexpensive to purchase in flats, and can easily be planted in a day. Make to use with potting soil for best results, as some of these plants experience transplant shock, and potting soil helps with that transition.

Local species that look great, and require less intervention
Another idea to avoid transplant shock and other issues is to consider using local plants. Many local species are also quick growing, and easily planted without too much expense. Native plants are low-maintenance which can be important when your other efforts to increase curb appeal can take up your time. local plants tend to look better longer and with less intervention, since they are conditioned by nature to survive in your local climate on their own.

Potted plants add character
A few strategically placed potted plants can quickly add character and color to your home’s exterior. The look of the plants themselves alone will render the kind of visual effects that contribute to boosted curb appeal. And the pots the plants come in can also lend a similar advantage. Look for pots that can stand on your front porch, as well as hanging planters that help to spread that floral color around.

Grass seed to fill in the gaps
If your lawn needs a boost, it is best to use grass seed to help fill it in and make it look thick. If your lawn is looking full but lacking life, consider using sulfate ammonia on your lawn. This inexpensive product, along with the seed, can give your lawn a quick shot of nutrients to give it that ultra-thick, dark green look in no time.

Start landscaping – increase curb appeal

Preparing your yard for installation of the new flowers and seed is important. Here is a procedure list that works well when getting your yard spring ready:

1. Clear out all weeds and debris.
This is important if you are planting new plants on top of weeds or dead materials, because this can inhibit growth and instead of providing curb appeal, you have simply added to the problem. Use tools like Hula Hoes, weed pullers and trimmers to get the area prepared for new life.

2. Trim all the existing plants.
This is when you get the current yard in its best condition. This will give you a great idea of where to start and where to add flowers.

3. Begin to plant.
Begin planting new flowers in spaces that you see need some color. You can also include window boxes and hanging plants at this time. Tip: many annuals are draping plants, meaning they grow very fast, and hang over whatever they are placed in. This is great for a full look in a short amount of time.

After all the plants have been planted, place the bark or mulch, or whatever product you have chosen around the flowers.

4. Seed the lawn.
Next, seed the lawn. Once this step has been completed, water everything very well. Once nicely wet, you can spread the sulfate ammonia, and water again. Sulfate ammonia needs to be wet right away or it will dry out your lawn. Make sure you water every day, add products like Miracle Grow spray food at least twice a week, and within a month you yard will be popping with curb appeal.

Enjoy Your Yard

Landscaping for curb appeal is a satisfying activity that will give you pride in your home, even if the idea of selling isn’t immediately on your mind. Step into spring with a blast this year, and show your neighbors that you can have the best yard in town.

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