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The Laundry Room: the unsung hero of the house. It’s a place that is mostly known for its functionality as a space for one of the most common, time-consuming, and important of chores. But, what if you could have all of that functionality (which is very important for a laundry area), and give it some stylistic pop as well?

Laundry area and washing appliance expert Zach Smith advises on how to bring your laundry room to life.


The laundry room area is perhaps the most neglected area of the house. For as long as it serves its purpose in cleaning our beloved clothes, little to no design is incorporated in it. Furthermore, all that cleaning and dispelling of water will only serve to detract the attractiveness of the place even if you do a bit of designing in your laundry room.

But regardless, it actually lifts the spirits up if the clothes washing area is pleasing to the eyes. It also makes homeowners prouder to have an attractive-looking laundry space.

So without further ado, here are some design ideas that you might want to inject in your laundry room:

1. Place your washing machine in a cabinet

A laundry room cabinet is the perfect frame for your washer. But this might only work if you have a front loader. A nice cabinet also works in hiding the machine, or integrating it into your design idea overall. Make sure it is sturdy enough to carry the washer and the laundry loads, and check with your seller about whether your cabinet will manage the stress of a spin cycle.

A nice platform should also works in giving it a good look. The platform can even help muffle out sounds in the washer to reduce unwanted vibration noise.

You can also add a door to the cabinet. If your washer is not in use, you can close the cabinet to hide the washer, and increase the style quotient in your laundry area.

2. Add printed or colored floor rugs, or patterned tile floors

The stylish laundry area: it's functional, but note how well the the tile floors complement the cabinetry, and the white walls and doors.

No time to paint the laundry area? You can add color to the laundry room with the help of rugs. Choose rugs with prints that can draw attention from the bare walls, or give those walls, doors, cabinetry some interesting contrast.

Also make sure you get an absorbent rug, since laundry areas are notable for high moisture content. This should also work well in absorbing leaks from the washer, should that ever occur.

A great solution to the moisture issue is choosing patterned porcelain tile flooring, which although completely water-proof, provide a varied and stylish surface in laundry areas.

3. Use wicker baskets

If you don’t have shelves or racks in your laundry area, wicker baskets can add character and practicality.  You can also use wicker baskets as a storage units for your detergent and other laundry products. Stack cover-less wicker baskets or use the big and covered ones.

You can also use the wicker baskets to make your clothes sorting easier. Purchase separate baskets for your colored and plain clothes. This way, you won’t have to spend more time sorting your clothes out when it is time to do your laundry.

4. Enhance the window area

Ideally, a laundry area should have a window to allow air to circulate in and prevent odors and moisture from hanging in the air. But you can also make your window as a focal point in the room.

Try adding drapes or breezy curtains. Choose prints or colors that will match or complement the color and the print of the rugs.

And if you don’t have a window in your laundry area, why not think about getting an art print with a breezy, outdoor scene?

5. Set up an indoor clothes line

This is kind of a practical tip, but can have design implications, too. To save energy, hang an indoor clothes line when your area may not permit traditional, outdoor lines.

If the laundry area has good ventilation or even a large window, an indoor clothes line makes a good drying system. Purchase thick colored plastic strings. Make loops after every two inches or so of space. You can hang clothes hangers in the loop.

Strategize on where you can place the clothes line in the room. Make sure that when you place the clothes lines, they are not parallel with one another. One line should be higher than the other to allow even drying.

This is where the design aspect comes in. Think about choosing colors and materials for the lines. Choose colors for the pegs, loops, and for the hangers that complement the rest of the space. It’s a small thing, but can add up to just the right subtle detail to help bring your laundry area to life.

Organization is key

You can use these simple ideas in making your laundry area look better. Organization is the key. See to it that you have an ample space to fold your clothes. Also make sure that the washing machine is protected. Place it in an area where you can easily manage and maintain it.


Thanks, Zach!

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