Laundry Room Style: Adding Home Decor Flair With Function

Oh, for the love of laundry!

Laundry rooms are often forgotten spaces in our homes. They can quickly become a clutter-filled substitute for the secret hoarder in all of us. With a bit of effort this often mismanaged space can  become a high functioning, organized, stylish room in your home.

Light and Color

For all laundry rooms, especially those that don’t have windows, having good lighting and a splash of color on the walls will quickly brighten up your laundry experience. Keep it bright and the colors light, so these generally small spaces feel open and fresh.

Source: Unknown via Emalia on Pinterest

Contain with Curtains

Gingham Check, Chevron, Floral, this is a perfect place to have fun with colorful patterns and add character to your laundry room. Whether it is to hide those necessary items on a shelf or to conceal the washing machine itself, curtains are a cheap, chic, DIY replacement for cupboard doors.

Source: Southern Living via Silvia on Pinterest

Designate Space

“Everything should have a home.” Those are words my Mother, an incredible interior designer and organization aficionado, lives by. Clean out the room, combine half used products and get rid of whatever you forgot at the back of the cupboard. Then ‘find homes’ for all your products and items. Labels, funky filing boxes, recycled mason jars, baskets, and apothecary jars are just a few cost effective easy ways to add stylish organization to cleaning supplies, clothes pins, and extra buttons while creating an efficient work space.

Source: blog via Lindsey on Pinterest

Decorate and enjoy

Finishing touches will make a laundry room a part of your home that you enjoy spending time in. Add art, decorative pieces, even fresh flowers to complete and personalize this space.

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