Lavish Home Design When Money Is No Object

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Do you dream of what you would do if you had unlimited funds? This fairy-tale trip through your new home might help you decide what to do first.


Let’s take a trip down fairy tale lane, shall we?

In this fairy tale, everyone has more money than they know what to do with. There’s so much money in the bank that no one has to work anymore. There’s so much cash lying around that some people resort to using it as insulation in the walls. There is so much money that anything can be had, anywhere, by anyone.

Changing things up

Now that we’re in that fairy tale world, it’s time to change some things up about your house. Even though you could afford to live anywhere in the world, you really like your house. You’ve decided to stay there. But it could definitely use some sprucing up.

You’ve got the money to do that, so why not?

Here are some of the most lavish home design ideas for those who live in a fairy tale world — where money is no object.

Create an environmentally-friendly work of art

You can have anything you want, so why not give Mother Nature what she needs? One of the most responsible choices involves banks of solar panels, a geothermal unit, gray water systems, a waste-composting system, an elevated reservoir for rainwater, Energy-Star appliances everywhere, and even the little things, like low-flow showerheads and earth-friendly paints. Any new materials you use in the home will be recyclable and sustainable.

Customized garages and porticos

Forget the days when you dashed through the rain or snow. Large, wide porticos allow for a place to park the car and stay perfectly dry. If that’s not good enough, there’s the garage, with room not only for your car collection, but for all the other toys you like to enjoy — the jet skis, the boats, and even the helicopter, which is parked conveniently on the roof.

All this extra space also means serious extra storage, which is definitely going to be necessary to house all the new things you have always wanted but never could afford — before now, that is.

Walls of Windows

If you have a great view, why not make the most of it by knocking out an entire side of the house and putting in windows? A solid wall of windows allows you to see the world without any obstructions. Add a few seamless doors in the wall and you suddenly have a way to step outside to take a closer look at what nature might see fit to bring to your doorstep.

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If you want to get really fancy, those window walls can telescope back, opening up the entire deck for entertaining.

The ultimate home theater

Having all the money on the planet means being able to watch any movie you want, right from the comfort of your own home. Movie theaters complete with the most impressive surround-sound systems, chairs that recline to just the right level, couches that allow you to lie down while watching the show, and even your own concession stand complete with that wonderful scent of movie-theater popcorn are all a perfect way to spend that extra dough.

Bowling alleys and man caves

Why ever leave the house? You can create the kind of entertainment and comfy hideaways that you would normally go out on the town to find. That bowling alley is huge, with at least a dozen lanes, allowing you to invite half the neighborhood — at least those who don’t have their own bowling alleys, that is.

The man cave is complete with a full bar, and maybe even a restaurant with a dedicated chef. Why not? You could even create hobby rooms that are dedicated to the things you would love to spend the rest of your life collecting. A room for your Spiderman comic books? Check. A space for your train collection? Why not?

The ultimate wine cellar

For the classy ones among us, entertaining in your own dedicated wine cellar is a dream come true. It can include the usual temperature controls, keeping wines at the proper temperature, subtle alarms that tell you when a wine is at its peak, a tasting room that allows you to sample the wares before you give it to your guests, a lavish table right in the cellar that allows for impromptu meals, and of course, the most luxurious wines money can buy.

wine cellar

Bedrooms for the pets

They are members of the family, so isn’t it time they were treated as such? Adding on new bedrooms to the house for the furry friends is an obvious choice. Give them their own rooms with the things they love. For instance, your dog might have a huge round bed with a selection of the best leather shoes right there on the nightstand. Your cat might have a room that is filled with twists and turns, with tiny stairs that lead to the ceiling.

Smart technology everywhere

Of course, all this luxury must be run from somewhere. Smart technology can allow you to handle it all with the click of a mouse or swipe at a screen. Forget the programmable thermostat — that’s old school compared to this.

Smart tech can turn on lights when you walk into a room, preheat the oven for your chef’s creations, monitor the atmosphere to make sure it is always as comfortable as possible, and even open up the windows for you on that perfect summer day.

What would you choose?

This is just the tip of the iceberg in a fairy tale world where anything goes. What would you choose for your ultimate custom home? What amenities would you choose if money were no object?


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