Leather Flooring Advantages

Revitalizing your decor with complementary textures, contours, colors, and associative effects is a great way to bring about the transformation of your space, from the ordinary into the home of your dreams.  Mixed wood surfaces are always a great look, for instance; cherry, maple or oak, are stalwart choices, and for good reason. What about the newest surfaces for floors that add a level of innovation to that traditional appeal of a natural surface?

Consider leather floors; a unique type of material that is creating quite the buzz as a flooring material in the 21st century.

The look of leather

Think about the different types of textures that you have seen with different types of leather goods. There are polished, brushed, waxed and raw types. But remember; leather is made from natural materials, with a warm, organic effect that lends the unique texture and visual flair of a natural material.  The overall effect you get with leather floors is an understated elegance that is ultimately versatile in a variety of settings.

Green dimension leather floors

Leather flooring is a very new idea on the market relative to other types of floors. And what about the eco-friendly factor, which is an important consideration in modern flooring? Leather flooring actually uses recycled products including clothing items, handbags, car and furniture upholstery, and more.

Essentially, instead of taking up space in a landfill, the discarded leather is repurposed to create an elegant and innovative floor covering. So, how is this product going to transform your home? Simply it is going to revitalize through a natural color, with a texture that is visually appealing as well as tactically appealing, and will last – yet another aspect of green building materials that is becoming more important in this age of conservation and resource efficiency.

Let’s Decorate With Leather Flooring

Now that the product has been explained, we can put it to use, and make our room or house the best that it can be this spring. Use your naturally good decorating skills to make this floor, not just functional, but an eye catcher. With the different hues of the flooring consider the following:

1. Mix with light or white furniture pieces for a truly contemporary look, or remain traditional using plush fabrics in greens and golds. Chenille is the ideal materials for this look.

2. Dress up the room with crystal, oak and lots of greenery. This is not intended to look like a jungle, but more of an enhancement of of mixing several natural materials together. The darker floor works well with mustard, red, bronze and gold. Add an extra splash with faux painting, and turn the room into a haven; all revolving around your beautiful new floor.

3. Combine leather flooring with perfect springtime colors like mauve, peppermint or shabby-chic blues and whites. See the room come to life with fluffy white wool accent rugs. Do not forget to include color with plants, and dress the room up with your favorite dishes or picture frames. This is a great look to make a room open and bright, and can be reminiscent of modern Victorian, marine style or French contemporary styles.

Leather flooring is an innovative, durable, attractive, and very 21st century flooring option.

You can browse leather flooring from BuildDirect, and order free samples.

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