LEDs: #1 Trend in Green Home Improvement

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LED bulb light patterning

Green home improvements have been on the rise in the last few years, with homeowners and contractors focusing on green home design. Many green improvements have become popular, but the top trend for 2014 is LED lighting.

LEDs are one of the most affordable options for homeowners to make their homes greener. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any bulb socket. If you need more reasons to invest in this trend, here are some facts about LED lights that make them the top green home trend of 2014

Superior illumination using less electricity

According to Earthlinked Technologies, LED lighting “provides superior illumination and lighting control compared to incandescent bulbs.” Borrowing research from the Department of Labor, Energy Star LED bulbs use 75% less electricity than incandescent. Their data also showed LED lights will last 35-50 times longer than incandescent and 2-5 times longer than fluorescent.

Unnecessary heat

Did you know that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs increase your home’s temperature? Their heat causes your A/C turns on more often and increases your utility bill as a result. In comparison, LEDs don’t emit any heat and are a bright white color, rather than off-colored like other bulbs.

LED blubs in net

A new era in lighting

Starting January 1st of this year, manufacturers have discontinued  incandescent light bulbs and will focus on LED bulb production instead. Homeowners might see homes later this year with LED built-in lighting, which means no more ceiling fan lights or hanging lamps. Homeowners can also invest in new lighting fixtures if their home is older.

Make your home part of this 2014 green renovation trend. Get rid of all your incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and replace them with LED bulbs. If you want to do a complete lighting renovation in your home, you can hire an electrician for between $320 and $460.

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