LEED 2009: Significant Changes

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I think it was the Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan who said: “The only way to keep up is to stay ahead.” These words might apply to LEED building standards. LEED certified professionals (LEED AP) will have some studying to do to get up to speed with proposed changes for LEED 2009, or LEED V3.

LEED 2009 will incorporate New Construction, Core and Shell, Commercial Interiors, Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance and Schools.

Several significant changes are in the areas of:

• LEED Prerequisite/Credit Alignment and Harmonization

• Predictable Development Cycle

• Transparent Environmental/Human Impact Credit Weighting

• Regionalization

Members of the USGBC can find the drafts here.

LEED Canada is also undergoing changes in New Construction and Major Renovations. The new Canadian LEED is based on the USGBC’s LEED 2009. Members of the CaGBC have until February 6, 2009 to cast their ballots which can be found here (in English or French of course).

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Colin Laughlan