Letting Spring In With Your Home Decor

It’s springtime, and time to go ahead with your plans to create better continuity between your indoor spaces, and your outdoor living areas. What are some ways to do that? Well, writer Ellen Brody is here to talk about opening up and letting spring in, while transforming your space at the same time.


A regular occurrence happens every year around this time; we call it spring.

It is that special time of year where winter storms have left us weary of being cooped up inside. With things beginning to bloom, temperatures on the rise and fresh air all the rage this is when people begin to yearn for the outdoors!

With that in mind, now is a great time to take your home from the winter doldrums into the freshness of spring. By that we mean it is time to open up your house, bring the pleasant weather in, and help create a sunny, vibrant place where you can relax and enjoy all that spring has to offer.

Create an outdoor living space

One of the best ways to embrace spring is to be outside to enjoy it. People with patio and deck areas should take advantage by utilizing outdoor tables, chairs, and other seating arrangements to create a useful outdoor living space. You can enjoy brunch, entertain guests, or even have family dinners outside. Insect repelling candles can easily be added to rid the area of pests.

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Wicker furniture in lighter colors with comfy seat pads can be a great choice for casual seating. Fun outdoor lighting like tiki lamps or Chinese lanterns can create a fun vacation feel. Adding spring flowers nearby adds a nice splash of color.

New window dressings

Far too many people do not expose natural light into their homes. Switching to lighter curtains or easy to adjust blinds gives versatility to let that sunlight and fresh air in each day. Sheer panels in light colors that let in more light or move to the side easily are a great choice. Windows should be used to let in light and fresh air. Along with the changes to decor make sure to give the windows and screens a nice washing and then open them up to let spring in!

Spruce up the porch

The front porch is often an underused area of outdoor living. But, it is a great space to plant flowers, add a sitting bench, or even a few well placed chairs. Some people avoid placing too many things out front for fear of theft but a little bit of home security can take care of that issue. Then you can enjoy a lazy spring morning reading the paper while drinking coffee and waving to your neighbors.

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Spring decorations

To really change the feel of your home you can do some minor re-decorating that makes a big impact. Adding fresh flowers to rooms brings bright colors and smells inside. Switching from darker lamp shade covers to lighter brings more light in during the evening. Switching pictures for brighter prints and frames completely changes the tone of a room. You can also buy faux citrus fruits to place in bowls and jars to add a spring theme to any room.

Linens and pillows

Switching your throw pillows to a lighter, more pastel theme changes the look of a space very quickly. By the same token adding a light throw, using different towels, or even sheets and bed coverings can easily transform a room’s tone.

Your home is where you spend most of your time. With long vacations becoming a thing of the past because of increasingly busy schedules it makes sense to take some time to freshen up your living space each season. That way you get to enjoy your own mini-vacation each day when you come home. While familiar surrounds can be comforting, variety is the spice of life!


Thanks, Ellen!

Ellen Brody is a homeowner and gardener interested in interior design, home security, and gardening. She’s interested in creating better continuity in design from indoor spaces to outdoor living areas.



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