Lighten Up: Getting More Natural Light Into Your Space

door opening natural lightA stylish home thrives on pulling sunlight indoors. Unfortunately, some developers build homes without this in mind and homeowners feel oppressed because of it. There are a number of projects you can complete to drastically lighten your home, improving its resale value in the process.

Solar tubes

Solar Tubes bring light from the roof down to nearly any room below. With a domed window top and a reflective tube leading down to a filtered opening in the ceiling, the solar tubes are ideal for improving natural light without major renovation. If you’re a capable DIYer, you’ll want carefully locate all wires in the ceiling before you begin cutting holes.

New windows

Adding windows to your home certainly improves the amount of natural light you can get indoors. Add windows above inside doors (like the bathroom or a hallway) to let in light from other rooms. If your kitchen or living room only has one small window on a wall, consider adding a window on either side or expanding the window for a larger area of incoming light.

You might run into some trouble if the wall is load bearing or has pipes and wires running through the area you want to cut out, so plan carefully before you start cutting. The window should be placed between the wall studs and your vinyl siding should be removed so it isn’t damaged in the process.

New doors

Windowed doors are another solution in the quest for improved lighting. A windowed door with etched or patterned glass can provide security and privacy while utilizing the opportunity to let in more light. French Doors can also be used to separate a major living space (like a living room or kitchen) without making it feel completely closed off from the rest of the home.

Old walls

There are probably some useless walls in your home that only serve as barriers to natural light. Opening up the space is possible. Although, you’ll have to make sure the walls aren’t load-bearing. Widening a doorway or knocking down half of a wall can really open up the layout if you can’t tear the wall out.

Painted trim

This is a larger job than it might seem at first, but lightening your wood trim is a cost-effective way to encourage light to bounce around the room. Dark colors absorb the light, so white trim will brighten your doorways and windows, allowing more light to enter the home. It’s certainly a DIY project. You’ll want to choose a satin or semi-gloss paint for cleaning scuff marks, dust, and dirt easily off the future.

Light up your life

Natural light in a space has all kinds of benefits. Some of them have to do with how natural light can make your space look. But, other benefits of natural light have to do with how you actually feel when you’re at home, with all kinds of positive psychological effects that a good dose of vitamin D can help you achieve.

And in some ways, being in a positive state of mind and feeling content in your own home is the point of any home improvement project. Starting with more natural light can open up all kinds of transformative possibilities.


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