Lighting: How To Light Up Your Interiors In Fall

Autumnal evening apples and lampThere is no need to surrender to the autumn hours as natural light slips further from your windows. Instead, it is time to take advantage of the changing shades and colors to shape your living space and get the most out of the season.

Versatility is comfort

Free-standing lamps are an excellent choice to capture the ever-changing boundaries of sunlight. The surest sign of the fall is creeping shadows, so battle back with versatility. An adjustable neck, or multiple fixtures, can help you accentuate your lounging areas.

A lamp with a heavy base will provide stability and lighting for differing placements. The maneuverability of the neck and sockets will allow you to match the lighting of any particular autumn day.

Bring out the color and texture

Autumn is about strong colors and rough textures. Your focus does not have to be function only. Warm up your interior by changing the bulbs in mounted units to highlight the brickwork of a fireplace, or deck wall. Using colored bulbs to bring out the hues of plants, indoors and out, will help you relax and appreciate the nooks and crannies missed in the glare of summer sun.

Fall outdoor lighting fun

Patio lanterns, or any other of the incredible variety of string lighting, will add a festive mood, even if it’s just for a Wednesday night dinner. Fairy lights are a treat to the eyes whether you decide to sip your tea at the patio table, or enjoy their sparkle while gazing out from the comfort of your couch. A little is a lot when it comes to accenting your base system, and is always noticeable when hanging out with friends.

Take advantage of technology

Automated lighting systems come in a wide range of prices and settings. Some have up to thirty different choices that can be tailored to your schedule. Arriving home to well-lit home, or garden is an easy way to relieve the stress of the day and prepare for the evening ahead.

Even just putting a few up-light fixtures can highlight the last gasps of your garden; a tribute to your hard work through the spring and summer.

Save energy and money

Of course with the loss of sun comes a rise in energy bills, so choose energy efficient bulbs that will maximize your dollar. Fluorescent bulbs use up to two thirds less energy than incandescent ones. LEDs also burn cooler and last much longer, so are a worthy investment.

Autumn lights

Experience the fall on your deck or your front porch in the company of friends and family with a hot cocoa or a little red wine. The subdued autumn lights will complement the view from your home.

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