Lighting Sconces: Illuminate Your Life

Sometimes, you need a little extra lighting in a hard-to-accommodate spot. You want your illumination to come from a higher spot to light up the room better, but you’re not fond of the idea of a six-foot tall lamp. Solution? The lighting sconce; a wall-mounted lamp, lantern or related glass-enclosed bulb to light up your place.

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The kind of sconce you get is going to depend on the overall layout and design of your home. For a bit of old-fashioned sophistication, you could try a cone-type shade on a bronze-finish wall bracket. For an outdoor space, you might want to have a more contained light inside of caramel-beige glass for a subdued and subtle effect. Alternatively, you could try multiple domed sconces attached to a wall or ceiling for more of a post-modern, almost high-tech feel.

Since the wall mounts make them slightly more permanent than a lamp you can replace in a second, you’ll need to put a bit more thought into the style and location.

Where to locate your sconce

First of all, as with any electrical appliance that may require a minor renovation, check first to see where your place is wired. And be very careful about wattage, since older buildings may not have the juice for new fixtures, leaving the potential for a malfunction (which would be bad) or an electrical fire (which would be somewhat worse). Use common sense and if necessary, an electrician.

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Now that we’ve got those basics covered let’s think about the parts of your house.

Lighting sconce above your front or back-door entrance

Particularly in shaded areas, such as a closed-off front porch that may not allow in natural light from above, you might consider a smaller and unobtrusive lighting sconce that gives you enough illumination to get keys in your door, without telling your neighbors six houses down that you just got home at 2 am. This is also handy for security.

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Lighting sconce on your living room wall

Use one or more lighting sconces to give a little extra warmth to your dining room table or your entertainment hub. Keep it far enough away from doors so that people aren’t likely to accidentally brush up against it, and high enough that you don’t have to move furniture around it if you’re putting shelving or other items against the wall. Or put a fancy tinted glass sconce overhead to shine down on your table of goodies.

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Lighting sconce in the bedroom

No more knocking over your night-table lamp in the middle of the night as you reach for a glass of water or the snooze button on your alarm clock. A bright lighting sconce or two will brighten up your time reading a book or enjoying an early breakfast in bed.

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Lighting sconces are great fixtures to enliven a room or outdoor space. Just put some thought into where you want to put them and integrate them with your whole décor plan and live an illuminated life.

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