Lighting Style Guide: Lighting in Your Bedroom

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In this second installment about lighting the most high-profile rooms in your home, lighting blogger Emily Widle talks about a room in which we spend quite a lot of time, even if we’re sleeping at the time; the bedroom.

How can you make that very important room stylish, functional, and (maybe most importantly) conducive to relaxing, and even personal safety? Read on, gentle readers, as Emily walks you through it …


The bedroom is all about mood lighting.  To create a peaceful oasis that is comfortable for reading, watching television, or just relaxing, install dimmers for your general lighting source (whether that is a single ceiling fixture or recessed lights throughout the room).  You’ll be able to adjust the light levels to control the mood of the room.  It’s important to have soft, gentle light in the bedroom for relaxing in the evening, but you’ll also want the option of bright light for getting dressed and ready for the day early in the morning.

Remember to also create several focused task light sources for reading.  Most people have lamps on the bedside tables, but why not try for a more unique look?  A wall mounted reading light will free up space on your bedside table for reading material and decorative items.  If you have an armchair or another area in the room used for reading, be sure to incorporate either a lamp or a wall-mounted light.  Focused light is important for reading to avoid eye strain.

Night lights are not just for children’s bedrooms; in fact, they are important for safety lighting, especially for homes with older adults.  Having a low intensity light near the bed for late night trips to the bathroom will prevent falls.  Also, a night light in the room helps you avoid waking others in the room in the middle of the night with the glare of a bedside lamp.

For the ultimate bedroom lighting design, install a fiber optic star ceiling kit and transform your ceiling into the night sky.  You can even emulate constellations to truly make it feel like you’re sleeping under the stars.  This is a fantastic idea for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.


Thanks again, Emily!  Be sure to catch the next installment next Monday, all about lighting in your kitchen!

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