Living On A Jet Plane…

Ok, so it is close to the John Denver hit, Leaving on a Jet Plane, but not quite. This is an incredible tangent on my part, and has nothing whatsoever to do with stone of any sort, but when I saw this, I thought it was just way too cool to not share. Really, I mean how great is this? I want it, want it, want it!!!

Ever wanted the most unique, possibly coolest house in the city? Maybe even the state? Check out these former billion dollar airplanes salvaged and turned into homes. Yep, homes! Max Power Aero’s website(technical note: website hasn’t been updated since August, 2003) shows a conversion in progress.  Check out the picture above, the floorplan below and many more pictures on their website.  As a side note, Simpsons fans should recognize the name Max Power.

Have I mentioned yet that I want one?

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