Living Room Color Palettes As Seen On TV: An Infographic

TV has given us some iconic living room settings that some of our favorite characters called home. Here are a selection of them. Which are your favorites?


The sitcom living room. Sometimes these rooms are more memorable than rooms we’ve lived in ourselves. I suppose that depends on how much television you’ve watched, of course. But, even the casual viewer can recognize the rooms of some of the most popular situation comedies through the years.

And here in infographic form are a few of the biggies, along with the color spectrums for each one. Which resonates with you the most? Well, take a look!

Builddirect_ColorPalletesInspiredByTelevision_v1 copy

Our living rooms, our lives

Why have so many of our television shows taken place in the living room? Well, I think that’s a reflection of our cultural values. We cherish comfort and a sense of belonging. So, that’s reflected in our pop culture too. Even by seeing these rooms as a mass audience, there’s an additional layer of comfort there. Beloved characters are associated with these rooms. Their personalities seem to be present even when they’re not in them.

The same can be said of our own spaces, when we get it right. “Living rooms” take on a new meaning in this respect. This is where our lives are reflected, and where our memories cling; the colors, the decor, and use of space are elements that add up to more than just design elements. They are the backdrop to our very lives.

Just like the characters we’ve seen on TV and the stories that unfold in these rooms, we’re reminded that a sense of home requires our personalities to be built into our decor. How we get there is up to us.

Your favorite TV living rooms?

Which of the above is your favorite TV living room?

Which of your favorites are missing?

How do you express your personality, and that of your family, in your own living room?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!



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