Living Room Fabrics: Incorporating Hand-Knitted Throws

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About two years ago, I knitted this really big brown throw for our living room, to keep us warm during cold winter nights. My partner had been asking for it for months, and I finally acquired a large amount of yarn for an equally large amount of money and set to work. It took me months to do it, knitting one 400-stitch row at a time.

Two years later, the throw is sitting in a corner, never used or taken out. Despite my knitting every stitch with love and care, the throw just didn’t quite fit with our décor. The material wasn’t quite right, the pattern a bit bland, and I couldn’t change its color after we bought a new living room set.

If you hand-knit throws and blankets, or if you enjoy hand-knitted throws from friends and family members, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to avoid mistakes like mine (and they can be costly, depending on the material used!). I’ve learned, the hard way, how to make sure that my hand-knitted throws would be displayed and used.

What’s the throw for?

A throw has two different functions: it can be used to accentuate a room with a touch of fabric, or it can be used as a blanket. In this room, the throws are used to bring out the warm tones of the paint and the art on the wall .

Throws used as accents give you a lot of freedom in your choice of material. You can use a variety of cottons, silks and wool blends that are not always suitable for warm blankets. These materials offer interesting textures that would be hard to get with pure wool.

If the throws will remain untouched and unused, you can even go for acrylic, which is cheaper but has a tendency to pill with use and washing.

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If your throw is going to be used as a blanket, you will want to stay away from cottons and silks and use hard-wearing but soft wools and wool blends. For durability, a wool-acrylic blend is your best option.

If you like a touch of luxury, a wool-cashmere (or pure cashmere, if you can afford it) is a good choice. Throws in these materials will look great, even bundled up on a couch, and keep you warm for a long time.

Choosing colors

One of the great things about hand-knitted throws is that you can choose the colors that will fit your décor exactly. Had I known that my brown throw would be relegated to the linen closet, I would have chosen a more neutral color, like off-white or grey.

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If you have your paint color chips, take them with you to the yarn store or give them to your knitter friend. It will make choosing appropriate colors much easier. You either want to go with neutral colors, or with colors that will bring a nice visual pop to your living room.

Avoid choosing a color that’s the same, or close, to your sofas and easy chairs. With dark blue sofas like mine, a rusty orange would definitely bring some éclat and warmth to the living room.

One big advantage of getting hand-knitted throws is how they can be personalized. You won’t have to go shopping until you find the perfect color; good yarn stores have all the hues you need.

Choosing textures and patterns

Textures can also contrast and complement each other. With severe-looking leather sofas, a cushy yarn that’s on the matte side is perfect and will bring some softness.

Fabric-covered furniture is a bit more flexible, but you want to avoid using a similar texture. If your sofas are matte, then have fun with shiny yarns like chenille and silk. It will draw the eye and break the monotony.

Different knitting techniques like cabling or lace can also complement your living room’s style with a touch of traditional or modern patterns.

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Have fun

The great thing with yarn is that you can mix and play around with colors, textures and patterns. You can build a collection of throws to freshen up your living room in an instant. There is literally no limit to the throws you can have, aside from your yarn budget!

How have you incorporated throws in your living room? Do you like to use hand-knitted throws and blankets in your living room?

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