Writer and Consultant Anna Clark Offers Ways to Go Green

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President of  Dallas Texas-based Earthpeople Anna Clark presented a community-based free training seminar on ways to save money by going green. The first session of a proposed community-based series called Go Green took place at Downing Hill, a stylish new garden shop in Dallas.

Earthpeople is a consulting firm advises local business on how to incorporate green strategies in order to gain an advantage in a competitive marketplace.  She is also an ambassador for local group Eco-Tuesday, which is a networking group for local business leaders, trendsetters, and thought leaders looking to explore and promote a green agenda on a commercial level.

Clark is also an author, looking to publish her first book Green American Style this coming April.   The book is an examination of how American culture is beginning to integrate green living into a daily routine.  The book also offers 85 tips on how to save money using green living principles.

“I’ve always maintained that you don’t need to be an expert to change the world,” Anna said. “You just have to be willing to do something different.”

In addition to a background in public relations and consulting, Anna Clark’s experience in green consulting  in part comes out of the experience of living in one of the first residences in her area to be rated LEED-platinum status.

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