Long-term value in building materials still king

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Consumers are gaining a  growing consciousness when it comes to who they’re buying from.   Ethical business practices, market innovation, and a rising awareness and emphasis on green products are all significant factors.   But, a lot of the traditional rules of business are in place too.   And they’re in place, because they still make sense even in this new paradigm that drives consumers to expect business transparency and authenticity from companies.   It  might be easy to chase a trend, and to talk up the ethics of a green product, for instance.  But, in the end, we still have to provide products that add long term value.

Take a read of this article about green marketing from CNBC, which talks about how consumers, as conscious of the envrionment and conservation issues as they are, still value durability and value for money when buying products.  The article points out that the balance between sustainable products and value is something of a dance.  Even if value for money is being placed above other considerations, it is expected that consumers will be keeping a more watchful eye on the companies from which they’re sourcing products.  Thanks to the diversity of media, this stands to reason.

Businesses: looking good in the suit is one thing.  But, you have to leap tall buildings in a single bound too.  Superman image courtesy of Xurble. Click image to view Flickrstream.

Businesses: looking good in the suit and standing for truth and justice is one thing. But, you have to leap tall buildings in a single bound too when called upon to do so by your customers. Superman image courtesy of Xurble. Click image to view Flickrstream.

So, in our case here at BuildDirect, consumers are expecting the building products they buy from us to be lifetime, or close to lifetime, products.   And of course, factors like credibility and trust are built right into that.  But, even if we’re a company striving to improve the way building materials are delivered, and in doing so ethically, consumers still expect the best out of us in terms of how flooring, tile, exteriors perform in the long term.

Long-term value is the ball that every successful company  is keeping their eye on.  As important as the other aspects of marketing a product is – ethics, credibility, true relationship-building – really, it’s value to the customer when it comes to the products they’re buying from us that gives those best practices a purpose.  Everything else should serve that purpose.



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Rob Jones

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